n. & v.
—n. (pl. -ies) a gentle or joyful neigh.
—v.intr. (-ies, -ied) give a whinny.
Etymology: imit.: cf. WHINE
whip n. & v.
1 a lash attached to a stick for urging on animals or punishing etc.
2 a a member of a political party in Parliament appointed to control its parliamentary discipline and tactics, esp. ensuring attendance and voting in debates. b Brit. the whips' written notice requesting or requiring attendance for voting at a division etc., variously underlined according to the degree of urgency (three-line whip). c (prec. by the) party discipline and instructions (asked for the Labour whip).
3 a dessert made with whipped cream etc.
4 the action of beating cream, eggs, etc., into a froth.
6 a rope-and-pulley hoisting apparatus.
—v. (whipped, whipping)
1 tr. beat or urge on with a whip.
2 tr. beat (cream or eggs etc.) into a froth.
3 tr. & intr. take or move suddenly, unexpectedly, or rapidly (whipped away the tablecloth; whipped out a knife; whip off your coat; whipped behind the door).
4 tr. Brit. sl. steal (who's whipped my pen?).
5 tr. sl. a excel. b defeat.
6 tr. bind with spirally wound twine.
7 tr. sew with overcast stitches.
Phrases and idioms:
whip-bird any Australian bird of the genus Psophodes with a cry like the crack of a whip. whip-crane a light derrick with tackle for hoisting. whip-graft Hort. a graft with the tongue of the scion in a slot in the stock and vice versa. whip hand
1 a hand that holds the whip (in riding etc.).
2 (usu. prec. by the) the advantage or control in any situation. whip in bring (hounds) together. whip on urge into action. whip-round esp. Brit. colloq. an informal collection of money from a group of people. whip scorpion any arachnid of the order Uropygi, with a long slender tail-like appendage, which secretes an irritating vapour. whip snake any of various long slender snakes of the family Colubridae. whip-stitch a stitch made by whipping. whip up 1 excite or stir up (feeling etc.).
2 summon (attendance).
whipless adj. whiplike adj. whipper n.
Etymology: ME (h)wippen (v.), prob. f. MLG & MDu. wippen swing, leap, dance

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